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Indigo kitchen | A Multi-Sensual Experience

A complete culinary experience combining multi-sensory pleasure of sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch. We believe that it’s necessary to tend to each field professionally and at every stage of the event in order for our hospitality to be perfect.

At Al Hayam you’ll enjoy the services of Indigo catering established by Kef-Yam Company in 2001 in order to provide the best professional service for our events. Indigo has serviced thousands of various, unique events and it specializes in hospitality solutions according to the changing needs of the public and the event.

We understand that no one event is similar to the other and therefore, tailor the right menu to each event and party. At Indigo we choose the best raw materials and prepare them in our kitchen, which is just several steps away from the outdoor reception area.

The fresh vegetables are cut only minutes before they are served at the event, and the variety of fish and meat are handled by our experienced butchers. Our pampering deserts are prepared on the morning of the event in our pastry kitchen and are baked just before they’re served.

We’d love to be part of your experience.

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