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Al Hayam | Endless Expanses of Beauty and the Sea

Al Hayam outdoor reception area, The attractive venue meets the beach, lies right next to the antiquities of Caesarea, and is interspersed with ancient remains both from the Herodian era and the kibbutz’s beginning.

Al Hayam is located on the “Nosani” cliff (nos=half in Arabic). In the old days, when sailors caught sight of the cliff, they knew that they were halfway between Acre and Jaffe..
In Al Hayam, there is a combination of unique landscaping and designing that blend with the outdoor scenery and archeological elements surrounding it, well-groomed lawns, a comfortable dance floor, an access to the sea, a caressing breeze, and endless horizon.
Our professional and knowledgeable team, as well as the wonders of our venues, is at your disposal for any question.

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